Twitter adds Bitcoin tip payment method

Currently, Twitter users on the global iOS platform can use the tip function on Twitter, and Twitter will allow users to pay and receive Bitcoin. Considering that CEO Jack Dorsey is one of the strongest supporters of cryptocurrency, it is not surprising that Bitcoin is integrated into Twitter’s tipping function.

Twitter also said on Thursday that it is studying the authentication of users’ NFTs. Some users have displayed the NFT on their profile, but there is no easy way to verify whether the person showing the photo actually owns the NFT.

Twitter has provided tipping for several months, but it has been in a limited beta. The company said on Thursday that it will launch a tipping service worldwide. Twitter also provides some creators with a subscription tool called Super Follows, allowing creators to charge others for exclusive content. In addition, Twitter also announced plans to launch a creator fund for users of the Spaces audio room to incentivize more live audio events.

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