Windows 11 will introduce a redesigned Your Phone application

Windows 11 will be released on October 5. As part of the redesign, Microsoft introduced a new native application experience for the Windows 11 system, including a new screenshot feature, photo album application, drawing application, clock application, and so on. According to the notice at the Surface hardware conference, Your Phone application will be redesigned.

With Your Phone, you can connect your Android phone and desktop PC together. In the new version of the design, Microsoft focused on the notification center in the application. As you can see in the following mockup that you shared during the Surface event, the redesign of the Your Phone app will help you focus on what’s happening on your Android phone without having to pick it up constantly.

As part of the revision, the notification center will be moved to the left pane. If you are not used to receiving notifications on your computer, you can completely mute the notifications of any application installed on your phone. To do this, click the mute button to turn off notifications for the app. In the future, Your Phone application will automatically ignore all notifications from this application.

As you can see in the screenshot above, the navigation bar of the Your Phone app is now at the top of the app window, allowing users to access information, photos, apps, and call pages. These options will help you read and reply to text messages, view and manage photos on your phone, and edit them using Paint or other programs. You can also make calls and even use the Android apps on Surface Duo and Galaxy phones on your PC.

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