RSS tracking is now available in the stable version of Chrome on Android

Although Google Reader has been deprecated, its spirit continues, and the Android Chrome browser can now use the RSS tracking function. The feature began testing in May of this year and is limited to the Chrome Canary channel version, but today Google also opened the feature in the stable version.

You can follow a website through the “…” menu of your browser, subscribe to its RSS feed, and update it in your Chrome app. The websites you follow will appear in a label called Follow, which is placed together with the For You label of Google’s recommended articles. This feature has not yet been launched on iOS.

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It is not clear how many people have used this new feature by default, but you can enter chrome://flags in the address bar and turn it on under the web feed to enable it yourself. Chrome’s follow button is currently only a mobile feature (iOS and desktop versions are coming soon), which will definitely disappoint some experienced users of Google Reader. However, at least it is nice to see Google keep RSS alive in some way.

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