You can now ask Google Assistant for the UV index

The addition of information relating to the UV index on the Wear OS Weather application dates back to last April, but now this information can also be requested from Google Assistant, on all platforms where it is present.

In recent days we have talked to you about the dark theme finally available for reminders, about the news coming for phone calls and alarms and more. Now we see a small new addition already available on Google Assistant.

The new information is already visible in Italy, however, according to the first tests carried out, it is shown only by making the request in English. As you can see from the screenshots shown, Google Assistant does not just show the current value of the UV index – Low (1 and 2), Moderate (3-7) and High (8-11) – for the requested location, but includes also a UV Index Scale table with some useful information (provided directly by the World Health Organization) to protect yourself adequately, where necessary.

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In addition, the screen with the current data also includes the forecast for the rest of the day. Finally, there is also the possibility of requesting information for the following days. It is not clear when Big G has actually added the information on the UV index to Google Assistant, but it is certain that currently they are already available on Android, iOS, smart displays such as Google Nest Hub (which since last month also shows the quality of the aria ) and smart speaker.

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