Another Google app for Wear OS embraces the Material You

Starting from the summer just past, Google has decided to extend the graphic renewal path in a Material You key to the world of wearables, through the launch of the new Play Store for Wear.

The Material You has now also embraced the Google Clock app in its Wear OS version. The time has therefore come to take a deeper look at the new graphic update, in particular as regards the Alarm function.

The first image shows the preview of an alarm creation, with a central yellow button showing the time, a countdown at the top and the day of the week at the bottom. It can already be seen that the yellow color has been chosen with a lighter and more subdued shade.

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The second image, on the other hand, gives us a perspective on how to postpone (via the icon on the left) or stop (via the x on the right) the alarm. The background and the theme, in this case, are reminiscent of the invocation screen present on Android 12 smartphones.

Finally, for the repetition of the alarms over time, the new screen is the one shown in the last photo. However, it is thought that, soon, Big G could opt for a grid view.

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