Google brings continuous scrolling mobile search experience

Google just introduced the latest improvements in the mobile search experience in a blog post. Google users in the US will be the first to usher in continuous scrolling mobile search. As the name suggests, when swiping to the bottom of a set of search results on the phone screen, users do not need to bother to click Next Page because the mobile version will continue to load automatically.

At present, this feature has been reflected in the iOS and Android mobile apps in the United States and supports most English search results. However, Google will launch it in batches as usual, so users who have not received the update yet please be patient.

Google said that although most people will find what they want in the first few results, users who are looking for more information often need to traverse up to 4 pages of search results. The good news is that these users can now move between mobile search results pages more seamlessly without having to click the “see more” button at the bottom of the page.

In addition to finding answers quickly, Google also hopes that this feature can help people find various ideas or search for inspiration on specific topics. On the other hand, continuous scrolling allows Google more flexibility in advertising.

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Rather than restricting the advertising information to the top of the search results page, it is better to insert them into the search results when the user turns the page down-this is also closer to the “message streaming” advertising display method of social networks such as Facebook.

Although the official has not disclosed in detail the advertising plan for this change, the company still pointed out that they will redistribute the number of ads that appear between the top and bottom of the English mobile query page.

After that, the text ads will be displayed at the top of the second page and beyond, and the text ads at the bottom of each page will be reduced. However, the way shopping and local ads are displayed has not yet been affected by this change.

In addition, because Google search is full of information boxes, search suggestions, recommended products for purchase, and buttons that guide users to other vertical search areas (such as videos), you want to correctly click and move forward in the search results, or become more difficult. Because Google will darken the color of other buttons to attract users’ attention and encourage clicking to another target link.

Finally, earlier this year, Google announced a modern redesign for the mobile search results page. Including the use of added white space in some areas, the use of colors in other areas, the application of larger and bolder fonts, and the shift from circular shadow boxes to straight lines, etc., to make search results easier to read.

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