Minecraft registered 500 million Chinese players and the next major update will be launched in 2022

Mojang announced the next major update of Minecraft The Wild on Minecraft Live today. The update will focus on improving the existing biomes and is expected to be launched in 2022. The Wild update added mangrove biomes, including frogs, fireflies, and a new tree regeneration system.

The Wild also brings players a biome called Deep Dark, which is the deep underground of a destroyed civilization, which is covered with a strange Skulk. At the same time, enemies without eyes will appear, only responding to sounds. Therefore, players need to act quietly to avoid being detected. Developers said that this is the first batch of components based on stealth technology.

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Mojang said that Minecraft reached the peak monthly active users of 140 million players in August. As of now, Minecraft players have accumulated 1 billion hours of multiplayer games in 2021. In addition, the number of player registrations for Minecraft in China reached 500 million.

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