Memories feature on Google Photos on the web

The Memories function in the Google Photos application was limited to the mobile APP when it was launched. But now this feature is finally online on the Google Photos web page. The Memories function uses machine learning to intelligently group photos according to the characters, scenes, themes, and specific time ranges so that users can organize photos.

Although the Memories feature has been online for several months, the feature is limited to Google Photos on the mobile terminal. This is a rather strange situation because the mobile app and the web browser version are almost the same in functionality. Whatever the reason, Google is finally going to change this situation.

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The official Google Photos Twitter account wrote: Starting this week, when you log in to Google Photos from your computer, your Memories will appear at the top of the gallery, so no matter what device you are on, you can always review some of your favorites. Best photos and recent highlights. According to the typical Google approach, this feature is not yet available to all users around the world, and it may take some time to roll out to everyone.

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