YouTube Music will welcome new adjustments next month

According to the latest reports, YouTube is a name mainly related to Internet video-on-demand, but it has also become the brand umbrella of Google’s multimedia streaming services. The transition from Google Play Music to YouTube Music is not very smooth, and some major features that may be considered free tiers are blocked behind subscriptions.

However, next month, Canadian users will change this situation, but in exchange, those free YouTube Music users will have to give up watching the music videos there. For a music streaming service designed to be enjoyed on mobile devices, YouTube Music has a rather brain-dead restriction on free users.

When you leave the app or the phone times out and lock the screen, YouTube Music will immediately stop playing. Of course, users can pay to remove this restriction, but YouTube Music’s competitors have been offering this service for free for many years.

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It is reported that the service announced earlier this month that its free tier will change from November. But although free users can finally get background music, there are still some things that must be given. After all, YouTube still needs people to upgrade to premium accounts.

This concession will be the ability to watch videos within YouTube Music and its mobile apps. This will be part of the paid level, as well as regular benefits such as ad-free listening, unlimited jumps, and on-demand selection.

Free users will be directed to watch music videos in the main YouTube app, but these videos will stop playing when they leave the app. These changes will take place on November 3, 2021, but only for users in Canada. As for when it will be promoted globally, Google has not yet announced.

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