Huawei releases HarmonyOS 3 developer preview and will release a new programming language in the future

Huawei released the HarmonyOS 1.0 and HarmonyOS 2.0 systems at the HDC conferences in 2019 and 2020. At the HDC 2021 Developers Conference this afternoon, the new HarmonyOS 3 is also coming. The first release is the developer preview version.

One system can be done. Different equipment. According to Huawei, the HarmonyOS 3 developer preview version innovates around the three core values ​​of flexible deployment, super terminal, and one-time development and multi-terminal deployment, and the system performance and development tools are fully upgraded.

As a new generation of the smart terminal operating systems, the system architecture of HarmonyOS can be deployed flexibly, allowing smart devices with different memories to communicate in the same language.

The HarmonyOS 3 developer preview version brings a new visual and flexible deployment automation tool. Device developers can flexibly select the required components of the operating system according to different hardware so that more devices can be more easily equipped with HarmonyOS.

In addition to the HarmonyOS 3 developer preview version, Huawei has also launched the HarmonyOS application and service development tool suite family bucket. The Harmony Design System (Harmony Design System) provides complete design specifications for multi-terminal devices, atomic adaptive layout capability plug-ins, Support design tools such as service card templates for different devices, allowing different devices to achieve a consistent visual experience while maintaining the consistency of the overall design language;

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Ark Development Framework 3.0 (ArkUI 3.0) brings a new declarative UI framework, using TS/JS language, reducing the amount of cross-end application front-end development and design code, and greatly improving efficiency and performance;

Ark Compiler 3.0 (ArkCompiler 3.0) realizes cross-device unified compilation, and can run across terminals with only one compilation; DevEco Studio 3.0 brings high-efficiency coding, cross-terminal collaborative debugging, multi-device integration testing and other tool upgrades, which effectively improves cross-device integration. End application development efficiency;

HarmonyOS SDK opens 6000+ TS/JS API capabilities to support efficient development of cross-terminal distributed experience. The ability of one-time development and multi-terminal deployment helps multiple global head applications such as Sina News and Wish 107.5 to quickly cover multiple devices.

In addition, Gong Ti, president of Huawei’s consumer business software department, also confirmed one thing, that is, Huawei will release a newly developed programming language for HarmonyOS in the near future, adding the last link to the Harmony Ecological infrastructure. After the developer preview version, Huawei will also release the HarmonyOS 3 Beta version in the Q quarter of 2022, bringing developers more complete system capabilities and development tools.

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