Edge Canary browser 96 adds support for long screenshots

According to the latest reports, the Microsoft Edge browser on Android is getting a new feature that allows users to take long screenshots, similar to what the Android version of Chrome does. Currently, the Edge Canary channel provides the feature of long screenshots, and Microsoft will provide this feature to users of the Beta and stable versions of Edge in the future.

As the name suggests, the long screenshot feature will allow Edge users to take screenshots of the entire webpage, not just the part of the webpage that is visible on the screen. Although the ability to take long screenshots is provided by many Android operating systems, Edge users will be able to use this feature on every Android smartphone that can run a browser.

The option to capture long screenshots can be found in the Share center, as shown in the figure below. Clicking on this option will allow the user to capture the entire (or any small part they want) web page. Once the capture is complete, the user can also save the screenshot to share with others.

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The Microsoft Edge PC browser has had a long screenshot feature since last year, and now this feature is also applicable to the Android version of Edge. Microsoft Edge Canary 96.0.1050.0 already supports the long screenshot function. However, because the feature is rolled out in stages, not every user can get it immediately.

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