Google gives you 113 reasons to switch to a Pixel, especially from a smartphone from LG

From time to time the Google team churns out a nice promotional video dedicated to one of the many products of the Mountain View giant and in the past few hours, a new example of such content has been published on YouTube, which has Google Pixel 5a as its protagonist.

The video in question in almost 9 minutes lists 113 valid reasons why you should make the switch to a Google Pixel smartphone when the manufacturer of your old device decides to leave the telephony sector, with an obvious reference to LG.

Here is the new funny video from Google

Obviously, the new video published by Google is also aimed at all other users, highlighting the main strengths of a Google Pixel smartphone, starting with the many services that are part of the ecosystem of the Mountain View giant.

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From Google Photos to Drive, from Call Screen to Google Lens, without forgetting the features related to the photographic sector, you are spoiled for choice. If we have piqued your curiosity, all you have to do is sit back and start playing the new Google video. Good vision:

LG is offering a discount for the Google Pixel 5a

And speaking of LG, the Korean giant is offering some customers a discount via email for the purchase of a new smartphone: the device in question, however, is not one of its products but a Google Pixel 5a. In particular, in the emails received from some customers, there is an offer of a $ 65 discount for the purchase of a Google Pixel 5a on the Google Store by November 15, 2021.

The curious aspect is that this email arrives just as Google publishes the video we have just told you about and this suggests that the two initiatives could be connected.

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