Microsoft begins to unify the Microsoft Store on Windows 10/11

For members of the Windows Insider project of the Release Preview channel, Microsoft began to launch the Windows 11 Microsoft Store. The new Microsoft Store not only has beautiful visual effects, but also supports Win32 applications such as Discord, Epic Game Store, Mozilla Firefox, and new entertainment applications such as Disney+.

Microsoft plans to launch this new Microsoft Store to all Windows 10 users soon. Microsoft’s chief architect Rudy Huyn explained on Twitter: We first ship to Windows 10 Insiders to ensure that the application is error-free, and will be released to all Windows 10 users later.

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It is great to see that the Microsoft Store will provide a consistent experience in Windows 10 and Windows 11, but the integration with Amazon’s Android App Store is still exclusive to Windows 11. This is because the new Windows Subsystem for Android now invites Windows 11 Insiders to test on the Beta channel and will not enter Windows 10.

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