Trying to add new widgets to Android 12, Google just can’t stop it

Most of the time there are few moments when there were quit decisions taken by the Goggle which may be unacceptable for the others so recently there are some new widgets to Android 12 that will be added by the Goggle and still we really do not agree with the following addictions by the way so here we are going to discuss the following addition which is as follow.

As we all know that last week the pixel devices arrived in android 12 in the big show of widgets which were done by the goggle and some of them are the luckiest because unfortunately, they chose the few of them only during arriving the summer beta, and they are probably considered as marketing material for the perfect launch of pixel 6 by the way and now this material will also be available in android 12 devices.

So before going to install something let the first info gives you guys first up and that is a new Memories widget for taken by the goggle that the Google Photos, something we first caught a glimpse of in last week’s preview. Although the connection to photos was pretty obvious, it was tough to tell precisely what it was bringing to the home screen.

Well, wonder no longer — no matter which shape you select, the Memories widget brings all of those collections from the app right to your phone. With circles, squares, rectangles, and even X’s to choose between, all of those family photos and vacation slideshows can live outside of the app prospectively.

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And the things are not gonna stop here a lot more here which is the second widget which might be quite rich in a niche, but it may be or may not be helpful as well. A new Suggested files tool is coming to Google Drive, making it easier than ever to locate your recent uploads and documents. This widget isn’t the X-shaped one we saw back in September; instead, it’s a searchable list of files, complete with links to specific content apparently.

Like Google’s other recent widgets, this one is fully compatible with Material You, syncing whatever colors are currently displayed in the background. There’s also a shortcut for uploading new files directly to your cloud storage, which could come in handy pretty often, depending on your workflow.

Now if we talking about the date and time of Both of these widgets so there are very many chances that both should be coming to users by the starting off today, along with the rest of the shortcuts Google has teased over the last month or two. These seem to be server-side updates, so it may take a couple of days to appear for everyone lets just wait for the best things and we can only hope for the best only.

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