WhatsApp: Messages can be deleted without time limits

There is news coming to WhatsApp, and to announce it is as always happens the Beta version of the instant messaging app, the And the novelty is juicy because it concerns the deletion of messages. Nothing new, the regular users of the platform will say, given that the ability to delete messages has been active for several years – four, to be precise.

What changes this time is the time the user has available to delete the message. It was initially set at 7 minutes maximum, then it was extended to 4,096 seconds, or 1 hour, 8 minutes and 16 seconds, which is 2¹². And now it seems that the situation is destined to change again, removing the time limit to allow users to delete any message regardless of when it was sent.

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The function is still under development and is hidden within the Beta, reports WABetaInfo, so we cannot currently be certain how this can actually work, nor when it will be made available to Android and iOS users. What is certain, however, is that something is boiling in the pot, and the screenshot below is proof of this:

As we said, the tool is not yet active, and only when it is released to members of the Beta program will we be able to learn more. A doubt raised by WABetaInfo, for example, concerns which messages can be deleted, that is: will the tool be retroactive and will allow you to delete even the oldest messages, or can only those sent after the activation of the function be removed?

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