Pixel 3/XL will receive its last update in 2022

The two Google Pixel 3/XL mobile phones have been released for more than 3 years. According to the plan, mobile phones will stop receiving major system version updates and security patch updates. According to 9to5Google news, these two phones are expected to get another system update push in the first quarter of 2022, which is a fringe benefit of Google.

At present, the latest system version of Pixel 3/XL has adopted the Android 12 kernel. The last system update is expected to bring a series of bug fixes to Android 12. Android 12 has added Material You design and Dynamic Color features in the recent update.

Google recently officially announced that it will build an Android 12L system for tablets, folding screen phones, etc. The system will also support Pixel devices in the future, but it is not clear whether Pixel 3/XL will provide support. The Android 12L Beta version will be launched for the first time in December, and Pixel 4, 4a and newer models will be supported.

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Google said that Pixel 3/XL will receive a guaranteed Android version and security updates before May 2022. Although the phone does not participate in the Android 12L Beta program, it is expected that the phone may get the official version push next year.

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