Battlefield 2042 Beta beta attracts 7.7 million players

EA confirmed in its financial report that last month’s Battlefield 2042 public beta attracted 7.7 million players. In EA’s second-quarter earnings report, CEO Andrew Wilson stated that the BETA beta of Battlefield 2042 attracted 3.1 million players in the early access stage, making it the most attended early access event in the company’s history. EA Play members and pre-order players can experience Battlefield 2042 BETA for 48 hours, which is two days.

Battlefield 2042 BETA includes a conquest game mode and orbital launch site map. Players compete for control of the rocket launch site in Kuru, French Guiana.

After the end of the BETA, the developer DICE comforted fans that a large number of features not in the BETA of Battlefield 2042 will be added to the official version of the game. Recently, EA confirmed that starting from November 12th, EA Play and Xbox Game Pass members will be able to experience the official version of Battlefield 2042 for 10 hours.

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Battlefield 2042 was originally scheduled to be released on October 22, but it was postponed to November 19, but players who pre-ordered the gold and ultimate editions can play the official version of the game one week in advance, that is, starting on November 12th.

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