God of War 4 PC version confirmed to support AMD FSR technology

In addition to NVIDIA DLSS and Reflex technology, the PC version of God of War 4 will also support AMD FSR technology. The news comes from AMD’s official website. In the Upcoming AMD FSR Game Lineup, we saw the God of War 4 Logo, in addition to Call of Duty 18: Pioneer, Farm Simulation 22 and Spell Land, No Man’s Sky, World of Warcraft and other games.

The PC version of God of War 4 supports 4K resolution and ultra-widescreen, with improved reflections and high-resolution shadows, but these features require a powerful GPU, such as RTX 30 or AMD RX6000 series. It should be noted that DLSS technology is an exclusive feature of GeForce RTX graphics cards, and AMD’s FSR technology can also be used by NVIDIA GTX users.

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The PC version of God of War 4 will be released on January 14, 2022. It will be available on Epic Mall and Steam and will be priced at $43 in Steam.

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