Google allows users to protect search history with a password

After decades of development, the Internet has become very closely integrated into our daily lives. However, the cost of staying connected is that almost anything you have done on the Internet may be tracked, stored, or shared. If it is used by cybercriminals, all kinds of content information on your online account or local computer may be tainted by attackers. Fortunately, search giant Google has provided a way to protect these results by adding a password.

Google has become one of the most practical ways for people to find information online. Not only can you retrieve products, but you can also find answers to many questions through search engines. However, an unfortunate side effect of searching all content is that Google collects and stores relevant information to improve the search experience in the future.

Although it sounds very convenient, this piece of fragrant pastry, which gathers all the information in one place, can also be easily accessed by people with ulterior motives. At this stage, users have multiple ways to clean up their search history. However, by default, Google still collects a large amount of content information related to user searches.

The good news is that this search giant has not been hacked to the end, but has provided users with a way to protect this information-allowing you to put a password lock on Google search history.

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Friends in need, please refer to the following operations:

  • Go to and open the activity Settings page.
  • Find the activity control option on the left side of the screen.
  • Find the network and Application Activities’ on the next page, and select the manage Activities’ tile at the bottom.
  • Click Manage My Activity Verification to add a password or set up two-factor authentication.

After adding some form of verification, you will need to verify your identity whenever you try to access the page. In addition, you can visit these pages at any time to delete personal activity data and even change the amount of data Google saves.

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