Will Battlefield go free in the future? EA thinks about it

With Call of Duty, Warzone Activision has made the real bang, evolving a historical saga like that of COD in a completely free-to-play. Such a move would also make EA seriously think about offering a free version of Battlefield in the future.

Today we know that, and the three main modes in the new Battlefield 2042 will be: All-Out Warfare games with 128 players, Portal and Hazard Zone, but none of them will offer players an experience free-to-play.

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Apparently, though, it looks like EA is actually considering putting a F2P component into the future of Battlefield. The statement emerged within the publisher’s latest quarterly report, with EA CEO Andrew Wilson stating how it would make sense for the franchise to have a free component in the future.

It is unclear if these free-to-play components will be added in an upcoming main chapter of the saga, or if it will all come to life with a Warzone-style title. To date, however, a free title in the series has already been announced, and it is the new Battlefield Mobile.

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