Quick tip to use Google Drive on desktop

If we think about the security of our documents or photos then one name blink in our mind is Google Drive. Yeah! you heard it right, Google Drive is one of the best storage system to keep our files safe.

Apart from the other companies, Google makes it easy to access Drive straight from your desktop – whether Mac or PC.

You’re likely familiar with Google Drive’s web client. Within any browser, you can access all of your files that sync automatically, allowing you to switch to another device and access those same files with ease.

Drive for desktop, on the other hand, is completely integrated into the local computer. Opening up File Explorer on a PC or Finder on a Mac gives access to local files, as well as the data stored in Drive for desktop.

Quick tip to use Google Drive on desktop

How to install and use Google Drive for PC

To get it done, first, go to the Google Drive Download page. On that page, there’s a big blue button that reads “Download Drive for desktop.” After clicking the button, your browser will either ask what you want to do with the file, or it will start downloading immediately. If it asks, save the file and open it on your computer. Once that setup file is opened, go ahead and follow the prompts to install Google Drive.

Google will ask what account you want to use. Choose whichever one you store your files with. If you have multiple accounts, Google lets you easily add another account. Doing this will make two separate virtual drives in File Explorer or Finder for easy identification.

How to upload directly to Google Photos from Drive for Mac or PC

To upload directly to Google Photos, go to the My Computer tab and find the Add folder button. Click it and select the folder that contains the photos you’d like to back up. After selecting the folder, Drive will prompt whether you want to back up to Drive, Google Photos, or both. After you make a selection, hit Done and then confirm your selection on the next page.

How much storage do you get with Google Drive and how much does it cost?

Check the pricing list below:

  • 100GB – $1.99
  • 200 GB – $2.99
  • 2 TB – $9.99
  • 5 TB – $24.99
  • 10 TB – $49.99
  • 20 TB – $99.99
  • 30 TB – $149.99


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