Google will stop syncing support for Chrome 48 and earlier versions

After the release of the stable version of Chrome 96, Google announced that it would stop supporting the synchronization function of Chrome 48 and earlier. The synchronization function allows users to keep the user’s bookmarks, passwords, history, opened tabs, settings, preferences, and in some cases Google Pay payment information. It will also automatically log them into Gmail, YouTube, search and other Google services.

Google announced the move on its corporate blog and released the release notes for Chrome 94 on October 19 last month. Google said at the time: Chrome 48 and earlier versions no longer support Chrome Sync. If you want to continue using Chrome sync, you need to upgrade to a higher version of Chrome.

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This Friday, Google said: As previously shared in the M94’s Chrome Enterprise release notes, we would like to inform anyone using Chrome browser M48 or lower than Chrome sync will be obsolete on these versions. Once M96 is pushed out on the stable channel, it will no longer work.

Those who want to continue using Chrome sync will have to update their web browser to Chrome version 49 or more by opening the Chrome browser, opening the more menu at the top right of the window, and then clicking update Google Browser’ High version.

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