Exhausting the Pixel 6’s battery will destroy its fingerprint scanning device and need to reset the system

Since Google Pixel 6 and 6 Pro went on sale, users have continuously reported various errors and problems. In particular, fingerprint scanning has always been a pain point because of its slow unlocking speed. Worse, it can also unlock some devices with other people’s fingerprints. In addition to these dilemmas, many users are now reporting another strange error. That is, once the Pixel 6 battery is fully discharged, for some people, the device will permanently disable the in-display scanner.

Several Pixel 6 users complained on Reddit that the fingerprint scanner would stop working once their phone was completely dead. After restarting the device, the scanner cannot go online again, and there is no option to re-enroll fingerprints in the settings menu. In some cases, the user can trigger the fingerprint registration process, but it keeps failing halfway, and the message “Registration is not completed, fingerprint registration does not work, try again or use a different finger.

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Someone has submitted a bug report in the Google issue tracking system, and more Pixel 6 users have complained. The good news is that this doesn’t look like a hardware issue, because Pixel 6 users report that the device returned to normal after a factory reset. In the absence of an official solution, this seems to be the only way to get the fingerprint scanner to work again at this moment.

Some users blamed the November security patch for the problem, although it is unclear whether it is the culprit. Regardless of the situation, if you don’t want the scanner to stop working, you need to make sure that your Pixel 6 doesn’t run out of battery at any time until Google sets out to solve the problem. Pixel 6 and 6 Pro are Google’s first phones with in-screen fingerprint scanners.

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