PS3 celebrates its 15th anniversary with PlayStation Japan’s official tweet

PlayStation 3 (PS3 for short) is a home game console first released by Sony in Japan on November 11, 2006, and is the third-generation product of the PlayStation series. Today is the 15th anniversary of “3 Princesses”. PlayStation Japan’s official Twitter also posted today to celebrate the 15th anniversary of PS3’s release and thank the players for their love.

PS3 was announced to be discontinued on March 17, 2017. The total career sales are 87.4 million units, which may not be very impressive compared to the 157 million sales of the dazzling “Second Princess” PS2 and the 109 million sales of PS4. However, PS3 and Xbox 360 staged the most exciting console battle that year and also sent away two generations of Nintendo home consoles, a generation of magic machines worthy of the name.

As the seventh-generation home console that was finally delisted, in addition to its excellent hardware specifications, many excellent exclusive games born on PS3 also contributed to the promotion of this console, such as Uncharted and God of War 3 The Last Survivor, GT Racing 5, Kill Zone, Little Big Planet and so on. These high-quality games also laid a solid foundation for PS4.

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