Google experiencing outages for Gmail, Google Meet and Google Calendar

Many users of Google services such as Gmail, Google Calendar and Google Chat have been experiencing problems since this morning. According to Google, the disruption would mainly affect business users.

Google services are experiencing an outage

Google reports on its Google Workspace status page that some European users of its services are experiencing difficulties accessing services. This status page only mentions Gmail, but the Google Workspace status dashboard shows five services that are currently experiencing issues:

  • Gmail
  • Google Calendar
  • Google Chat
  • Google Groups
  • Google Meet

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It also rains complaints, and not just from business users. This website also receives reports about problems with other Google services such as YouTube, Gmail and Google Drive. However, there are also people who can already get started with the relevant Google apps.

Google is currently working on a solution and is investigating the cause of the malfunction. As soon as we know more about the malfunction and the cause, we will update this article. Are you also experiencing the malfunction? If so, with which Google services?

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