World of Warcraft version 9.2 Eternal End preview

Blizzard officially announced the developer preview of World of Warcraft version 9.2 Eternal End in its live broadcast this morning, let’s take a look!

Prepare For The End of Eternity

The warden who haunted the ghosts and the abyssal master Zorval of the shadow world began his next move in an attempt to rewrite the laws of the real world. In Eternal End, you will face the warden and save Azeroth and the Shadow Realm, lest they fall into a more miserable situation than death. End of Eternity includes:

Brand New Area: Zale Death

The first births created Zale Deaths and created the kingdom of the world here. The inhabitants of the automata created everything that exists in the shadow world, Azeroth, and even other realms. This weird place has overturned all the laws of physics and the real world. The warden attempted to use the power of Zalei Chantis to reconstruct everything according to his own intentions.

Meet The Enlightened

The Enlightened are a group of brokers who came to Zalei Chantis long ago. They no longer look at the world from a transactional and secular perspective, but enshrine their residence as a holy place, hoping to respond to a noble mission-seeking knowledge. Only by reaching a consensus with the enlightened can we have a chance to successfully defend Zalei’s Death.

Decipher The Ciphertext of The First Born

The automa of Zalétius uses a melody language that mortals cannot understand. In the brand-new training system, walk with curious automated assistants, learn the language of the lost Yuanzun, delve into the secrets of Zalei Chantis, and unlock a series of brand-new regional activities, daily tasks, events and rewards.

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New Raid: Holy Tomb of The Newborn

The key to the warden’s plan is buried deep in the tomb of the first birthday. Gather the power of the novices, chase the warden in the holy tomb, and defeat his army-but first, you must face Anduin and explore ways to resist the warden’s terrible dominance magic.

The Return of Professional Suits

Harness the power of the newbies and collect unique professional armor sets in raids, PvP, or epic keystone dungeons. Each set comes with powerful 2 and 4 set bonuses, which can enhance your unique skills.

Other Contents of End of Eternity

  • Epic Keystone Dungeon and PvP Season 3
  • Tazavesh joins the epic keystone dungeon rotation
  • Note: Tazawish will be split into two separate dungeons during the season.
  • New mounts and pets
  • Professional skills, soul bond and spirit guide update
  • Darkmoon Circus joins a new dancing game

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