Pixel 6/Pro now supports the detection of heart rate and breathing rate through the camera

Google last week to Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro users Goggle Fit health management software push two new features, respectively, allowing users need to wear smartwatches and other wearable set up other In this case, the rear camera of the mobile phone is used to detect the user’s heart rate, and the front camera of the mobile phone is used to detect the chest cavity of the user to obtain the user’s breathing rate.

Its center rate detection function is achieved by using the cameras of Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro to recognize subtle changes on the user’s index finger. The new version of Google Fit can use these data to identify the user’s heart rate, and within a few seconds Get the user’s specific heart rate value.

If users want to use this function, after opening the new version of Google Fit, swipe down from the health information area at the top of the page to the “Discover” area, find the “Check Heart Rate” function card, click the “Start” button on the card, and place your index finger Touch the rear camera to start heart rate monitoring. The respiratory rate detection function uses the front camera of the mobile phone to detect the ups and downs of the user’s chest cavity to obtain the detection value result.

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It should be noted that these two functions have not been fully launched at present. The two functions are marked as “early access” on some users’ mobile phones. As far as accuracy is concerned, the test of the 9To5Google shows that there is sufficient light in the outside world. In this case, the accuracy of the heart rate detection function is very high, and in a darker place, the final result will have a deviation of about 30 bpm.

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