Apple released watchOS 8.3, iOS/iPadOS 15.2, macOS 12.1 and tvOS 15.2 DP beta 3 update

Apple today pushed the watchOS 8.3, iOS/iPadOS 15.2, macOS 12.1 and tvOS 15.2 developer preview beta 3 update. This update is one week after the last release. You can check the complete information which is given below.

watchOS 8.3:

Apple today pushed the watchOS 8.3 developer preview beta 3 update (build number: 19S5044c) to Apple Watch users. Users can download and update watchOS 8.3 beta 3 through the Apple Watch app on the iPhone. The watchOS 8 system brings a redesigned breathing app, as well as a new portrait dial, information app and photo app. watchOS 8 runs on all Apple Watch models that support watchOS 7.

At present, the specific update content of the watchOS 8.3 developer preview beta 3 is unclear. Users who install the update need to make sure that the Apple Watch is charging and within the communication range of the iPhone connected to the wireless LAN.

iOS/iPadOS 15.2:

Apple today pushed iOS/iPadOS 15.2 developer preview beta 3 updates to iPhone and iPad users, internal version number: 19C5044b, this update is one week after the last release. This beta 3 update does not add as many new features as the previous beta version, but there are some notable changes.

Macro mode

For iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max, a macro option for taking close-up photos with an ultra-wide-angle lens has been added. There is a renamed toggle switch in the Camera section of the “Settings” app, which clearly indicates that users can switch to the features added in the iOS 15.2 developer preview beta 2.

The switching description of the system display is: Display the camera controls used to automatically switch to the ultra-wide-angle lens to take macro photos and videos. After enabling this feature, iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max users can tap a small flower-shaped icon in the camera app to switch the macro mode when they are close to an object.

iCloud Private Relay

In the cellular network and WiFi part of the settings, Apple changed the previous iCloud Private Relay (iCloud dedicated relay agent) switch to Restricted IP address tracking, the function is still the same, but it is more clearly stated that it is turned on What happens when.


  • You can rename and delete tags in batches in the reminder application.

Fix The Error

  • Streaming in music applications may result in higher CPU usage, which in some cases may result in faster battery consumption.
  • Users who import verifiable vaccination records cannot add them to the e-wallet app, and the health app may freeze.

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macOS 12.1:

Apple today pushed the macOS 12.1 developer preview Beta3 update (build number: 21C5039b) to Mac computer users. This update is one week after the last release. Users can download the description file through the IThome App-Discover-Apple Profile, and download the new version of macOS Monterey Beta through the “Software Update” in the “System Preferences”.

macOS Monterey 12.1 adds SharePlay (simultaneous sharing). Users who have installed the latest beta version can do more with their friends and family through FaceTime. No other updates have been found in the beta 3 version, and Apple has not given any updates. announcement.

SharePlay was previously introduced in iOS 15.1, iPad OS 15.1 and tvOS 15.1, but not in the macOS Monterey update that was launched last week. When the Monterey system was released, Apple stated that SharePlay will be added in subsequent updates. In addition to supporting first-party Apple experiences such as Apple TV, Apple Fitness + and Apple Music, SharePlay is also compatible with third-party application experiences. Developers are already building SharePlay experiences for iOS devices, and now they can also build SharePlay functionality in Mac apps.

tvOS 15.2:

Apple pushed the beta3 update of the tvOS 15.2 developer preview to Apple TV developers. Apple launched the official version of tvOS 15.1.1 for Apple TV two weeks ago, and the previous beta version of tvOS 15.2 developer preview beta 2 was launched a week ago.

The scale of Apple tvOS updates is usually small, and the size of its update packages is generally relatively small, focusing on low-level bug fixes, performance updates and minor adjustments, rather than adding new external-oriented features. Apple did not specify what content has been updated in this beta3 version of the tvOS 15.2 developer preview. If anyone finds content about repairs, improvements or new features.

Apple TV has added support for SharePlay in the previous update. Users can watch TV and movies with others. It also provides sharing for content playback, pause, rewind, and fast forward. Controls, and added smart volume control functions.

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