Chrome’s support for Windows 7 is extended to January 2023

Google announced that it will once again extend Chrome browser support for Windows 7 systems until January 2023. At first, Google announced that Chrome will support Windows 7 until July 15, 2021, and then the company extended it for another 6 months, to January 15, 2022, and now Google once again announced an extension of one year.

Microsoft officially ended support for Windows 7 Home Edition on January 14, 2020. Enterprises and corporate customers can subscribe to Extended Security Updates (ESU), which can unlock security updates for Windows 7 devices for up to 3 years. Microsoft announced this month that there will be no further extensions after January 2023.

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After the Windows 7 system stopped supporting, Google announced that Chrome will continue to support one and a half years, until July 15, 2021. Later, due to various privacy issues such as the epidemic, Google announced an extension to January 15, 2022. Now Google says: Chrome browser will extend support for Windows 7 until January 15, 2023, to obtain critical security and stability updates.

Google’s wording on the support page indicates that the Chrome browser will only receive security and stability updates, similar to Microsoft’s handling of updates for Windows 7 devices that have subscribed to ESU. This is indeed a fact, or just prudent wording, it remains to be seen.

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