2K releases WWE 2K22 10 major features list, it will be officially released in March next year

Today, 2K and Visual Concepts announced a list of 10 major features of WWE 2K22. These features will make the WWE 2K22 released in March 2022 extraordinary, including fundamental improvements to the game, and favorite content of players. And a new game mode. WWE 2K promises to bring players new features that are guaranteed to cause a sensation, including:

  • Redesigned game engine: The most significant change in “WWE 2K22” is the engine itself. Visual Concepts has redesigned the game and animation engine to make every flying jump, kick, and finishing move as real as the player is sitting in the WrestleMania arena. When the player picks up the controller, they will immediately feel the difference.
  • Brand-new control method: Players will be able to experience an extraordinary, more direct control method that has been fully updated. The control method has been reconfigured to ensure that players have more control over each action in various situations. WWE 2K22 is a simple and easy-to-play game that also allows players to show superb skills.
  • Amazing graphics: Simply put, WWE 2K22 has the most gorgeous graphics in the history of the WWE 2K series. Scanning lighting and animation use the same leading industry technology as Visual Concepts’ NBA 2K series, and the development team has re-created the lighting system to bring new light and shadow to the game.
  • Immersive presentation: This is the most explosive “WWE 2K” series so far, which will lead players out of the crowd and set foot on the ring, creating the most realistic WWE experience.
  • Brand new WWE 2K Exhibition Tournament: Players can walk in the long river of memory and relive the most classic matches and moments of the legendary WWE superstar.
  • MyGM: Players will recruit superstars, arrange competitions, manage contracts, and prove that they have the ability to run the most successful sports and entertainment brand.
  • MyFACTION: The new MyFACTION debuts in the WWE 2K series, which will allow players to build a legendary camp that can rival the famous NWo. Players will collect, manage and upgrade superstars, and enjoy weekly activities and regular updates.
  • MyRISE: Players have the opportunity to experience the journey of WWE superstars, starting from an unknown rookie, then stepping into the forest of superstars with great fanfare, and finally becoming immortal legend. Whether it is a male or female version, MyPLAYER mode will have a new storyline.
  • Universe mode: Universe mode returns, allowing players to have more control over the past on brands, paid events, battle results, opponents, etc.
  • Creative set: The creative set is here again, and it’s even better than before. Players can use a variety of crazy options and fantasy elements to play themselves or completely different characters in the game and then set foot on the ring anytime, anywhere.

WWE 2K22 is currently scheduled to be released in March 2022, and more detailed information will be announced in January 2022.

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