Edge browser ushered in efficiency mode and page search function improvements

With the continuous improvement of functions, Microsoft Edge’s share of the browser market is also steadily increasing. For some users, the optimized experience of Microsoft Edge is still more attractive than Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. After the most recent update, Microsoft brought the so-called “Efficiency Mode” to the Edge browser.

Previously, this feature was also known as Performance Mode, allowing users to optimize the responsiveness of their Web browsing. However, with the renamed Efficiency Mode, this mode can more appropriately allow users to adjust and optimize to reduce the use of CPU and memory resources, thereby extending battery life and improving system experience.

Of course, the actual experience of the efficiency mode still depends on factors such as user equipment, applications, and browser usage habits. According to Microsoft’s official introduction, the Edge browser based on the Chromium kernel will put tabs into background sleep after 5 minutes of inactivity (currently only takes effect when tab sleep is enabled).

However, users may encounter some problems when using this function. For example, when the user is not actively using the browser, the animation effect of Microsoft Edge will slow down-especially when the browser is minimized, another application is opened, and then the current page is returned.

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In addition, this feature may cause video playback to be not smooth, so when watching streaming media programs such as YouTube or Netflix, please manually disable this feature in Edge 95. On the other hand, Microsoft has improved the find-on-page palace on Microsoft Edge. Currently, when the user enters the keywords that they want to retrieve, the browser will pop up a small search box, but it lacks support for related matching.

The good news is that in the faster iterative Edge Canary channel, Microsoft is testing a new “find on page” tool. It comes with a new toggle switch to enable options that include related matches (similar to Microsoft Word or Notepad). Finally, Microsoft is also experimenting with Office integration in Edge, and it is expected that related functions will land on the stable channel in early 2022.

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