Now Playing by Pixel gets a makeover and introduces a much requested feature

The advent of Android 12 has brought a breath of freshness and functionality to all Google applications, and the arrival of Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro has done nothing but give a showcase in which to show off these new improvements.

Among the most underrated updates is the one to Now Playing: one of the most popular features of the Pixel that allows you to recognize the music playing around the user directly from the lock screen, automatically.

Initially, Android 12 updated the At a Glance screen by introducing the possibility of manually recognizing the songs being played by tapping on a new icon in the shape of a magnifying glass which will start a manual search for the songs on the cloud of the Mountain View giant.

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On Now Playing your favorite songs land

According to the latest APK, Google seems ready to introduce the possibility of marking the songs recognized through Now Playing as favorites with the introduction of a tab dedicated to the latter that would be added to the tab intended for the song search history.

You will be able to bookmark a song not only from the dedicated Now Playing menu but also from the lock screen immediately after successfully recognizing a music track. Currently, the new look is available exclusively on the latest version of the Android System Intelligence on the Pixel 6, a sign of an update now in the pipeline.

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