Windows 11 Build 22000.348 (KB5007262) optional cumulative update released

Microsoft today released a new optional cumulative update (KB5007262, version number 22000.348) for Windows 11. However, unlike most cumulative updates, this update has new features, bringing new emojis that were announced as early as July.

The Fluent style emoji is the protagonist of this update. Microsoft explained that through this update, all Segoe UI emojis will be converted to the beautiful Fluent 2D style, and Emoji 13.1 has also been introduced.

Judy Safran-Aasen, project manager of the Windows design team, said, “These new Fluent-style emojis released in Windows 11 today give people a personal and familiar feeling. These are two design principles of our Windows 11. One.

A team composed of emoji designers, project managers, font experts, and developers focused on creating this new emoji system. From color palettes to modular functions, the designers established an extended set of emojis that can be extended to the Unicode system. After installing the update, you can use the new emoji in the emoji selector by pressing the Windows key + the period key.

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In addition to the new emoji, this update also brings a lot of fixes, some of the highlights are as follows:

  • Updated an issue that when you use the Input Method Editor (IME) to copy and paste text, it will cause Internet Explorer to stop working.
  • Updated an issue that the background of the iFLY Simplified Chinese IME icon displayed in the notification area is incorrect.
  • An issue was updated that prevented the display of File Explorer and desktop shortcut menus. This problem often occurs when you choose to open a project with a single click.
  • Improved the animation performance of icons on the taskbar.
  • Update the volume control issues affecting Bluetooth audio devices.
  • Updated an issue that caused File Explorer to stop working after you close the File Explorer window.
  • Updated an issue where closed-caption shadows are incorrectly displayed for certain videos.
  • Updated an issue that automatically removes the Serbian (Latin) Windows display language from the device.
  • Updated an issue that will cause flickering when you hover over the icon on the taskbar; this issue will occur if you apply a high-contrast theme.
  • Updated an issue. Under certain conditions, when you use Task View, Alt-Tab or Snap Assist, the keyboard focus rectangle will be blocked from being visible.
  • Updated an issue that may cause Windows Mixed Reality to start when you put on the headset. This problem occurs even if you turn off the “Start the mixed reality portal when the presence sensor of my headset detects that I am wearing it” option.
  • Updated an issue that may cause your device to report that it does not detect the printer after you plug in the printer.
  • Updated an issue that may cause your device to temporarily lose audio.
  • An issue that may cause some variable fonts to display incorrectly has been updated.
  • Updated an issue, when you use Meiryo UI fonts and other vertical fonts, the angles of the letters or characters are displayed incorrectly. These fonts are often used in Japan, China, or other Asian countries.
  • Updated an issue that caused some applications to stop responding to input. This problem occurs on devices with touchpads.
  • An option has been added that allows you to choose whether to automatically turn on the focus assist function within the first hour after the Windows feature is updated.
  • An audio distortion issue affecting Xbox One and Xbox series audio peripherals has been updated and occurs when you use their spatial audio.
  • Several aspects of Windows emoji have been updated. As part of iterative and continuous work, we have made the following improvements for this version: 1. Update all emoji from Segoe UI emoji font to Fluent 2D emoji-style; 2. Including support for Emoji 13.1, including updated Emoji dictionary; added the function of searching Emoji 13.1 in all supported languages; updated Emoji and more panels, so you can enter emoji in your application.
  • IT Home understands that users can check for update installation through Windows Update. The update is optional, meaning it will not be installed automatically. If you do not accept, these fixes and changes will be incorporated into the next month’s “Patch Tuesday” update, which is mandatory.

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