Check these 9 features of MIUI 13

Xiaomi has not released a special beta for MIUI 13 but continues to test the features of MIUI 13 applications on MIUI 12.5. We briefly explain the 9 new features of Xiaomi that will come with MIUI 13. MIUI 13 is expected to be introduced on December 16, and when it is introduced, it will start with a stable version, not a beta-like MIUI 12. You can check the complete information which is given below.

Smart Toolbox

The video toolbox feature was previously only available in video applications such as MIUI Video and TikTok. This feature, which allows opening applications as small windows quickly like edge screen on Samsung devices, can now be used everywhere in the system with MIUI 13. In the settings, you can switch between always showing and watching videos as before. As we all know Quick Notes feature was introduced in MIUI 12.5 it is also integrated with the Smart Toolbox.

Preserve Camera Settings

When we selected the video setting on the camera, changed our lens, and opened and closed the application, this setting was reset, which annoyed the users. With MIUI 13, this problem will be solved. When we exit the camera application, whichever lens is selected, when we open it again, that lens will be selected.

App Vault Cargo Tracking Widget

In previous versions, we were able to track cargo from within the app vault. This feature, which was removed with MIUI 12, will be added again with MIUI 13. When you scroll to the app vault screen on the left on the main screen, you will be able to see the status and whereabouts of our incoming cargo. This feature will be exclusive to China.

New Battery Temperature Indicator

The battery temperature indicator was added with MIUI 12.5 and it was showing battery temperature in celcius. The rating system will be displayed in three statuses as Cool, Normal and Hot for users to understand more easily. Cool means less than 30ºC, normal means Between 31ºC and 39ºC, hot means more than 40ºC.

Switching Between Beta and Stable Versions by Backing Up and Restoring Data

All data is deleted when switching between MIUI Beta and Stable versions. In this new feature that comes with MIUI 13, when you change your MIUI build type, your data will be automatically backed up and restored automatically. In this way, you will not lose data and you will not have to deal with re-installation.

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Assistant Mascot

When we call Mi Assistant, a mascot appears using MiMoji or a character we created ourselves. In this way, you feel the person you are talking to is like a human, not a robot. This feature will be exclusive to China, as Mi Assistant is exclusive to China.

New MIUI Health UI & Features

The interface of the MIUI Health application has changed and the user experience has been improved. This design language, which is more suitable for single-use, carries traces of the design language of MIUI 13. All Information About This Feature.

Gallery Chronological Scroll Bar

A new chronological bar has been added to the MIUI Gallery application so that we can find the photo we are looking for faster. We can scroll by date using the scrollbar on the right. It’s pretty similar to the feature found in Google Photos. We will see this feature, like other features, with the MIUI 13 version.

New MIUI Themes Interface

Another feature that will come with MIUI 13 is the new themes application interface. The old themes app had a pretty old design language. The new version added MIUI 13 design language to the MIUI themes app.

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