After the release of Battlefield 2042, DICE design director Fawzi Mesmar announced his departure

After the release of Battlefield 2042 on the 19th of this month, players have generally complained about game bugs, balance problems, lack of polished image details, and so on. Game developer DICE subsequently promised to implement a series of fixes and improvements in the coming months. However, new reports show that the entire repair process is not going smoothly.

According to insider Tom Henderson, DICE’s design director Fawzi Mesmar will quit immediately after the release of Battlefield 2042. Mesmar worked at mobile developer King before taking over the DICE design team with 80 developers in 2019.

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According to emails sent to team members, Mesmar planned to leave for a while, but stayed in order to get 2042 out. Obviously, he won’t stay and really finish it… he said:

It is definitely a pleasure to work in the best design team in the galaxy. The incredible design work you do inspires me every day. Thank you for your trust in me, and I hope I have not let you down. Another company gave me an opportunity that I couldn’t refuse. They kindly waited for me until we released [Battlefield 2042]. As we achieve this historic milestone, being with the team is super important to me.

Although Oskar [Gabrielson, DICE general manager] and I have been discussing my succession plan for some time-and will announce it in due course-we chose to postpone this communication until after the sale in order to focus on it-of course Land-on the game where we have invested a lot of energy.

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