Xiaomi’s strongest Mi MIX FOLD successor will arrive in 2022

This year, Xiaomi launched two MIX series models, one is MIX FOLD and the other is MIX 4. Now the new member of the Xiaomi MIX series is on the road, it is a folding screen mobile phone. Today, industry insider Ross Young broke the news that the successor of Xiaomi MIX FOLD will be released in 2022, which means that Xiaomi’s new folding screen flagship will not be eligible for the new product launch conference held by Xiaomi in December. This conference will launch the annual flagship Xiaomi Mi 12. And MIUI 13 operating system.

According to previous news, the iterative model of Xiaomi MIX FOLD is mainly to make up for the regret of MIX FOLD. According to the blogger, the Xiaomi MIX FOLD iterative model is a full-height screen and is equipped with under-screen camera technology.

As we all know, only the external screen of Xiaomi MIX FOLD has a high refresh rate of 90Hz (screen size is 6.52 inches), and the internal screen has a refresh rate of 60Hz (screen size is 8.01 inches). It seems that the internal and external screens of the Mi MIX FOLD iteration model will provide high refresh rate support, and are equipped with under-screen camera technology.

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Xiaomi’s new flagship folding screen will undoubtedly bring a better viewing and gaming experience with the under-screen camera technology.

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