Sony’s Mobile Game Controller patent leaked

Sony Interactive Entertainment seemed to have designed a PlayStation controller specifically for mobile games and has recently applied for a patent. The patent, issued this week by the Japanese branch of SIE, describes a system for playing games on a device that is combined with two controller handles. The handle is similar to the PS4’s DualShock 4 handle, rather than the newer PS5 DualSense, which is described as the left and right grip parts held by the user’s left and right hands.

According to the patent, the handle design omits the shaft that the user can tilt and detects the direction and amount of inclination of the shaft, that is, there is no gyroscope. At present, the handle has only applied for a patent, and the actual product is still unknown. If it does, the controller is expected to be used in conjunction with a smartphone to play PlayStation games through remote playback or through the cloud.

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In October this year, Sony Interactive Entertainment appointed Nicola Sebastiani, the former head of Apple’s Arcade content, to lead the company’s mobile business. Previously, a job advertisement stated that it was opening a new business unit to make it the most popular franchise. The right applies to mobile devices.

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