Tesla launches in-car purchase and subscription services

Tesla has begun to support in-car purchases and subscriptions in its latest software update. Owners can purchase premium connectivity services (Premium Connectivity) directly from the “center console” in the Tesla car. Over the years, Tesla has been looking for opportunities to sell upgraded products to car owners by unlocking software features in the car.

Initially, car owners need to log in to their Tesla account on the website to complete software upgrades, such as Acceleration Boost or fully automated driving packages. Later, Tesla directly provided these upgrade services through mobile apps, but it caused some problems. Some users report that they cannot always get a refund after upgrading accidentally.

Now Tesla has taken another step forward, achieving upgrades through in-car purchases. Although Tesla did not specify it in the release, Tesla owners who received the new 2021.40.6 software update reported that they saw the new “Upgrade” tab in the Tesla menu on the Reddit forum sageDieu.

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Currently, only premium connectivity subscriptions can be obtained through the in-car purchase system, and other upgrades such as fully automated driving packages can be obtained through the app. Internet connection is standard on all Tesla vehicles. But in 2018, Tesla launched a new premium connectivity subscription service that charges $10 a month to get more data-intensive features.

Tesla has been trying to get more people to pay for it by letting users try the advanced connectivity features that come with new cars for free. This is not the first time Tesla has introduced in-car purchases. In 2016, when Tesla sold a Model S car with a software lock range, the car owner had to spend $10,000 to unlock the car to upgrade. Tesla now has a dedicated “upgrade” area in the car, where the owner can purchase and complete the upgrade.

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