Google’s new search feature will make it easier for users to find the right doctor

According to the latest report, as part of its efforts to expand the health information it provides, on Thursday Google announced a new search feature that allows doctors to list which languages ​​they can speak in the office.

In the United States, people who speak languages ​​other than English often face challenges in using the healthcare system and may have undesirable medical results because it is more difficult for them to communicate with healthcare providers. If they can get the help of a well-trained interpreter or see a doctor by a medical provider who speaks their native language, they will get better care.

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In a blog post, Google also drew attention to other features recently added to solve the challenges patients face in the healthcare system, including being able to see which insurance networks the medical institutions listed in the search accept. On mobile platforms, people can now filter through providers that accept health insurance, spokesperson Iz Conroy told The Verge that this feature has been enhanced in the past few months.

These updates join a range of other features that Google provides for healthcare providers, including adding links to websites where patients can make appointments, listing the health status of office treatments, and paying attention to whether a location can use a wheelchair.

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