Sony submits new input device patent to be used in PSVR 2

A patent recently filed by SIE in Japan has attracted some people’s attention because the patent is said to be an input device for PS VR 2. The patent describes a new form of handheld controller that is very different from the first generation of PSVR.

The patent appears to have been filed earlier this year (February 26). Here are some pictures of the PSVR 2 input device patent:

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In the description abstract of the patent, it reads: The present invention uses the camera to improve the stability of detecting the light-emitting unit. The input device has an area to be tracked, and a plurality of light-emitting units H are arranged in the area.

Although we now have a general understanding of the appearance of its input devices, we still have to see how Sony will innovate on actual VR devices.

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