Battlefield 2042 update 3.1 is now online, the roof occupation target has been removed

Battlefield 2042 3.1 update is now online, PC Steam version needs to download 1.9GB. It is worth mentioning that the problem that players generally reacted to the difficulty of attacking high-rise map points has been fixed, and the roof occupation targets of the kaleidoscope, hourglass, and space launch center have been removed. The following is the full text of the changelog officially released by DICE.

Last week, we launched update #3, which contains a number of changes that help improve the player’s gaming experience. We very much hope that these changes can be delivered to the players as soon as possible. The following is the update that will come this week as promised, which contains a lot of fixes and balance adjustments.

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Update #3.1 will be available on December 9. The following is a brief introduction of the important changes:

  • Improve the consistency of bullet impact points
  • Balance adjustment of bullet spread and recoil
  • Further balance adjustments were made to the 30mm, 40mm and 57mm cannons of ground vehicles to reduce their attack efficiency against infantry
  • Fixed a rare bug where the player became invisible in front of the enemy
  • Fixed multiple vulnerabilities related to grenade and launcher
  • Optimized the menu process for Xbox players, making it easier to exit cross-platform games
  • Many improvements have been made to enhance the overall sound experience, mainly focusing on clarity, distance and direction perception

Update #3.1 is our last game update before the holiday. This means that our team will take a vacation at the end of this month, and we will greet the upcoming first season with a new look after the return of the New Year. We will meet again in the new year when we will discuss more the upcoming changes and improvements of Battlefield 2042.

The complete update instructions are as follows. We will update the update and follow-up content in real-time on the @BattlefieldCommTwitter account. You can also view our known issues to learn about the changes we made in real-time.

Update 0.3.1

Repairs, changes and improvements


  • Players who are not team captains can now cancel in the waiting queue
  • Xbox-Cross-platform games can now be turned on/off in the Xbox options menu
  • Filtering settings can now take effect correctly after refreshing the server browser of Battlefield Portal
  • Fixed an issue where the equipment was sometimes empty when joining the server and the player could not select weapons
  • Several improvements have been made to the auxiliary aiming to ensure that the auxiliary aiming of the host player is more consistent
  • The effective combat distance and total health of the robot dog have been reduced


  • Various adjustments to the overall audio experience to improve clarity, distance and direction
  • Fixed an issue where soldiers’ indoor footsteps could not be played normally


  • Removed the bounce of the under mount grenade launcher when firing at close range
  • 40mm anti-tank shells can now properly damage vehicles
  • Fixed an issue where the ammunition quantity of some weapons displayed incorrectly when equipped with specific magazines
  • The reload animation of DXR-1 and NTW-50 bolt-action rifles increased by 0.2 seconds
  • Adjusted the spread value of most weapons, so that the spread of single shots or short bursts is reduced faster
  • Adjusted the proliferation increment of most weapons. The time required for weapons to decrease accuracy due to continuous firing has been slightly increased
  • Adjusted the recoil value to prevent excessive recoil problems in AK24, LCMG, PKP-BP, SFAR-M GL and PP-29
  • Improved the waist shot accuracy of all submachine guns, making it unique in the category of automatic weapons
  • Reduced the diffusion and recoil of the light machine gun, and improved the performance when firing continuously
  • Further improved the recoil control of all weapons, especially for automatic weapons
  • Improved the close-range damage and consistency of MCS-880 when using deer bullets or dart bullets
  • Fixed an issue where the impact point of SFAR-M GL and K3030 was lower than the player’s aiming position


  • Fixed a bug where vehicle weapons sometimes would not cause explosion damage after a direct hit
  • We have reduced the attack efficiency of the ground vehicle 30mm cannon against infantry. The weapon’s overheating speed has increased, the rate of fire and explosion damage have been slightly reduced, and the long-range damage attenuation has been increased.
  • Rate of fire 350 -> 330
  • Heat per bullet 0.13 -> 0.14
  • Decrease in heat per second by 0.5 -> 0.475
  • Explosion damage 20 -> 18
  • LCAA Hovercraft-40mm GPL grenade launcher
  • Explosion damage 55 -> 35
  • The upward launch angle of the 40 mm multi-function cabin becomes easier to use
  • EBAA Little Wildcat-57mm Cannon
  • Diffusion removed
  • Ammunition 12 -> 8
  • Impact damage 85 -> 75
  • Explosion damage 70 -> 35


Fragmentation grenade

  • The detonation time of the fragmentation grenade after the first bounce caused by the collision is 1.1s -> 1.4s
  • Increase the damage of Fragment Grenade in each mode to 120, which can kill players with armor
  • Maximum number of fragments and incendiary grenade 2 -> 1

Dynamic Sensor

  • Marking range 30 meters -> 20 meters
  • Effective time 30 seconds -> 14 seconds
  • The number of dynamic sensors that the player can carry and deploy 2 -> 1
  • Battlefield Hazard Zone (Battlefield Hazard Zone)
  • Fixed the issue where the wandering Occupy LATV4 light reconnaissance vehicle spawned at the wrong time or did not spawn at all


  • Kaleidoscope-The roof occupation target has been removed. In large breakthroughs, there are now two capture targets below, and in small breakthroughs, there is one capture target below.
  • Space Launch Center-The rooftop occupation target has been removed. There is now only one capture target below the large and small breakthroughs
  • Hourglass-The roof occupation target has been removed. There is now only one capture target below the large and small breakthroughs. Fixed an issue where players would deploy outside the border


  • Improved the action of retreating to an object when entering the creeping state
  • Fixed a rare issue where players would become invisible when deployed in a full/destroyed vehicle

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