More elements of Chrome will follow the Windows system theme color changes

In recent years, the user interface of Google Chrome has not changed much. Customize the new tab page and some preferences through built-in or Chrome Web Store themes, as well as several personalization options. The title bar of the Chrome browser can follow the theme color of the Windows system. Google is now working hard to change other elements of the browser to follow the theme color of the system.

Recently, Google has updated the Chrome user interface to match Windows 11 design style. In the stable version of Chrome 96, users no longer need to enable any Flag experiment flags to use it. The Chromium team is now preparing to ensure that Chrome uses Windows’ theme colors extensively in more areas outside of the title bar and borders.

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The Chrome developer wrote on the functional error page: “We are very happy to see the fun of the theme color on the Windows system.” In the future, the buttons, focus and other elements of the Chrome browser will also follow the theme colors of the Windows system. For example, in the first screenshot, you can notice that the bookmark star icon, its dialog button, and the highlighted bookmark name use the theme color set in Windows.

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