Google Play Games’ introduction of the Windows platform will cause trouble for Amazon

A few days ago, Google said that it plans to introduce Google Play Games (that is, Android games) to Windows PCs next year. Technology media SlashGear wrote today that this move means trouble for Amazon.

Through the Windows SubSystem for Android sub-module, users can run Android applications and games on the Windows 11 system. But here is limited to Amazon’s Appstore. Although the mall also provides a wealth of applications and games, compared to Google Play, its ecosystem still lacks many applications and games.

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It seems that Google is interested in intervening to fill these gaps. The strange thing is that it seems to focus only on bringing Android games, at least for now. Google told The Verge that next year it will bring Google Play games to more platforms, including Windows.

It will not use streaming media technology to achieve this goal but will use local, device implementations. More interestingly, it promises that this will not simply port mobile games to Microsoft’s operating system, but will bring a key benefit that even Amazon cannot provide.

Google says this gaming experience will be seamless so that when people switch from mobile to desktop, they will be able to move on from where they left off, and vice versa. This will benefit from Google Play Services, which includes cloud storage and communication with remote servers, which can synchronize game status when changing devices. Amazon also has its own similar products, but the number of Android games using Google Mobile Services may exceed those that support both Google and Amazon APIs.

It is curious that Google puts its focus on Google games. On the one hand, mobile games are now a multi-million dollar industry, so this is not surprising. Google may also be a few steps away from providing the entire Google Play ecosystem on Windows, which will make it officially support running Android applications, neglecting the efforts of Microsoft and Amazon in the process.

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