Samsung’s new 25W wireless charging board is FCC certified and is expected to debut with Galaxy S22

It is rumored that Samsung will release the new Galaxy S21 FE in early 2022, and then launch the new flagship Galaxy S22 series in the following month. However, the latest certification information released by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has let us know the accessory that is expected to arrive with the Galaxy S22-a wireless charging pad with a power roughly equal to 25W.

Prior to this, Samsung has sold a number of wireless chargers, such as a vertical Wireless Charging Stand and Duo-Fast Wireless Charger Pad that can charge two devices at the same time. Unfortunately, the power of both did not exceed 15W.

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The good news is that judging from the bottom label of the EP-P2400 wireless charging board newly certified by the FCC, it supports 9V @ 2.77A input and the power is roughly equal to 25W.

In addition, in the radio performance report, we also saw its true face. Test equipment includes Galaxy S21/Note 10 smartphones, Galaxy Buds Pro true wireless headphones, and Galaxy Watch 4 smartphones.

In terms of actual performance, the Galaxy S21 supports three levels (4.5/7.5/15W) of wireless charging power, but the Galaxy Note 10 is only 4.5W (the phone itself supports 12W / Note 10+ models support 15W).

Although most of the EP-P2400 countertop is blocked by the mobile phone, it is not difficult to find that it has rounded corners. In another document, the FCC also confirmed that it has a USB adapter (it is unclear whether it has a USB-C port).

If this Qi wireless charging board goes on the market smoothly, then Samsung obviously has a smartphone that also supports 25W (instead of only 15W) wireless fast charging.

This coincides with the news of @UniverseIce in September this year that the Galaxy S22 supports 25W charging (not explicitly mentioned whether it is wired or wireless fast charging). As for the Galaxy S22+ / S22 Ultra models, it is expected to support a higher 45W fast charging power.

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