Mozilla Firefox 95.0.1 released solves several critical bugs on Windows

Mozilla is releasing a new version of the Firefox browser, the purpose of which is to correct several key errors that affect Windows users. The latest version number is Firefox 95.0.1, which is the first revision of the major version 95.0.

Mozilla solved a problem that prevented some users from connecting to Microsoft’s official website In addition, the same error is also affecting other Microsoft subdomains, such as

This failure was first reported a week ago and is unique to Firefox 95.0 because everything worked fine in the first few versions of the browser.

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Ryan VanderMeulen, Mozilla’s employee release manager, confirmed the problem and the fix on Bugzilla. He explained that a patch has been bundled with the latest version of Firefox.

“We expect that Firefox 95.0.1, 96.0b6 and 91.4.1esr will be released tomorrow, which will resolve this error.” A message published a few hours ago said: “The new Nightly version with fixes is now also running. It should be available within a few hours.”

In addition, Firefox 95.0.1 also resolved a bug that caused the browser to crash on Windows. Ran DELL Jesup, a senior software engineer at Mozilla, explained in a Bugzilla article that the number of reports pointing to such crashes has increased significantly recently.

“On October 26th, the number jumped from 500-1000/day to thousands per day. We heard that there was a Windows update at that time. However, there were crashes on Windows 7/8/10 and 11. He said: “It’s just one of the most common signatures for this problem. There have been 16,000 crashes in the past 7 days. About 1/4 of the first 50 crash signatures came from this problem.

“From June to October, the number has risen from a low level of more than 100 (from various signatures) to a level of 500-1000. About 50% of the crashes are in the configuration file before the change, and about 50% are in the exit During application”.

As usual, the new version of the Firefox browser will be used on all supported desktop platforms, namely Windows, Linux and macOS.

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