Mozilla introduces Windows 11 style scroll bars for Firefox 97

It has been two months since Windows 11 was officially launched. Native applications including photos, drawing, notepads, etc., have all used new UI designs (especially rounded corners). In terms of browsers, the transfer of Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome is also quite rapid. Now, Mozilla has finally formulated a plan to introduce Windows 11-style scroll bars for Firefox 97. It is expected that the stable version will be released in February 2022.

From the file explorer, settings application, and other parts of the operating system, you will find that the scroll bars of certain Windows 11 component programs appear slim and stylish. Take Microsoft Edge as an example. It introduced Fluent Design, rounded corners, and Mica effects, and enabled modern Overlay Scrollbars in the Edge browser.

In view of the fact that the non-classic Edge browser has long switched to the Chromium kernel, we are not surprised by the browser cooperation between Microsoft and Google on the Windows platform. In contrast, Mozilla is unlikely to implement an overhaul of the user experience for Windows 11, although you can still download the program through the Microsoft Store application store and get automatic updates.

Currently, Firefox has provided support for Snip Layouts, and the Nightly build version also uses a new Windows 11 style scroll bar design. In fact, Mozilla has rebuilt the scroll bar of the software in Firefox browsers on mainstream platforms such as Android, Linux, Mac, Windows 10/11. Interested friends can move to Preferences to view. I believe that with the official arrival of Firefox 97, more people will notice this change.

The following are the options currently provided by Pref

  • The platform default scroll bar style
  • macOS scroll bar style
  • GTK scroll bar style
  • Android scroll bar style
  • Windows 10 scroll bar style
  • Windows 11 scroll bar style

However, because the new scroll bar code is not yet “stable”, the pref option value cannot be specified as “5” or “0” and will take effect.

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