Third-party developers introduce dark mode for Paint on Windows 11

As early as August before the official release of Windows 11, Microsoft announced that the Windows 11 system would introduce a brand-new Paint application and showed screenshots of the dark theme. Although in September this year Microsoft emphasized that the dark theme will be provided in subsequent updates, 4 months have passed, and Windows Insider members have not yet received Paint’s dark theme.

However, if you can’t wait any longer, you can try this third-party solution created by the developer Ahmed Walid, which allows you to install the dark theme for the Paint application on Windows 11. The picture above is a simple application demo, it shows that the dark theme Paint has been named Dark Paint, followed by a version number. This is on a canvas with Ahmed Walid written in pencil.

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Although Walid has shared the XBF file of this Dark Paint project, Twitter user FireCube has bundled it with other necessary files to make the installation process easier for those who want to try it. The necessary files are in the source link below.

The steps are as follows

  • Unzip + enable development mode + uninstall Paint
  • Add-AppxPackage -Register .\AppxManifest.xml

However, please keep in mind that it only applies to Windows 11 Insiders in the Dev channel. In addition, this is a third-party crack, so those who are interested should proceed with caution.

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