OriginOS Ocean’s public beta first batch recruitment officially launched

OriginOS officially released, OriginOS Ocean open beta is now recruiting, and you are invited to experience the new system first. OriginOS Ocean is good everywhere, inside and out. Brand-new components, brand-new functions, brand-new privacy protection.

Now that the OriginOS Ocean public beta program is officially launched, you can experience the new system first when you sign up.

Model Requirements

  • X70 Pro+, X70 Pro, X70, X60 Pro+, X60t Pro+, X60 Pro, X60 curved-screen version, S10 Pro, S10, S9, iQOO 8 Pro, iQOO8, iQOO 7.

Version Requirements

The public beta model needs to be upgraded to the following version or newer version:


  • Recruitment time: December 24, 10:00-January 3, 23:59

Rollout Time:

  • V fans who signed up from December 24th to December 29th will push the new version on December 30th.
  • V fans who signed up from December 30th to January 3rd will push the new version within 24 hours after registration
  • V fans who have successfully participated in the closed beta do not need to register again, they will receive the beta version on December 30

Tips: Please refer to the actual push time as the push time. If the push is not possible within the scheduled time due to uncontrollable factors, an announcement will be issued to notify you as soon as possible, so stay tuned.

Ways of Registration

  • First upgrade the current mobile phone software version to the specified or updated version, the upgrade method: mobile desktop-settings-system upgrade-follow the prompts to complete the upgrade.
  • Click on the link to go directly to the registration page and apply according to the prompts, or click “Settings-System Upgrade-Settings Button in the upper right corner-Upgrade early adopters-Public beta plan-View details” on the mobile desktop, and then apply according to the prompts.

Question Feedback Method

If there is a problem during the use process, please give feedback to the V fans participating in the public beta in the internal beta and public beta circle of the community.


  • For better compatibility, after upgrading the system, please enter the Vivo app store to update all apps to the latest version;
  • Please ensure the integrity of the mobile phone system to avoid the risk of upgrade failure;
  • This upgrade is a major version update. The upgrade package is larger and exceeds 3G. It is recommended to upgrade in a Wi-Fi network environment to avoid consuming too much data traffic; at the same time, the update takes a long time, please wait patiently until the upgrade is completed. Do not perform other operations; please keep the phone battery fully charged during the upgrade process to avoid system damage due to the interruption of the upgrade due to battery issues;
  • This upgraded version belongs to the public beta version, and there may be some minor problems. If you cannot accept the problems that may occur in the public beta version after the upgrade, you can downgrade through the official downgrade tool (an announcement will be made in the circle at that time, please Note), or after-sales processing; please back up your personal data before upgrading or upgrading;
  • It takes time for the first system optimization after the upgrade. During this period, there may be a short pause when operating the mobile phone; it is normal to increase power consumption during the system optimization period. After the system optimization is completed, the system power consumption will return to normal;
  • Some third-party applications may have adaptation problems during the trial phase of the new system, and their function usage may be affected. If problems are found, feedback in the open beta test circle is available, pending subsequent system upgrades or application updates;
  • For other models, please pay attention to our follow-up recruitment announcement;
  • Within the scope permitted by laws and regulations, the V fan community has the right to interpret the format clauses of this event.

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