Tip: This way you can easily find gas stations on your route in Google Maps

Are you navigating the car, but finding that your four-wheeled friend is in dire need of a refuel? Google Maps helps you to find gas stations on your route. We explain how best to add a gas station as an extra stop.

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Find gas stations on Google Maps

We can all feel thirsty from time to time and so are our cars. It sometimes happens that you lose track of the fuel level for a while and suddenly notice that you have to refuel on the way. Fortunately, Maps can easily help you navigate.

While you are driving you can add an extra stop via the navigation app. This does not only work for gas stations but also, for example, for restaurants, hotels, parking spaces, or supermarkets. In this article, we will of course take gas stations as an example.

Maps show you an overview of your route and show you which one you will encounter on your route. If there is no gas station on your route, you will be shown which require the least detour and you will also see exactly how many minutes longer you are on the road with each of the options. Then you make your choice and drive away.


In the steps below we explain how to add a gas station to your route:

  • Open Google Maps on your phone
  • Press the search bar, type in your destination and confirm
  • Choose Route
  • Press Start to navigate
  • On the right, you press the icon with the magnifying glass
  • Tap Gas stations
  • Make a choice and tap the relevant gas station
  • Press Extra stop
  • Maps now guide you to the gas station and then to your final destination.

What about the Google Assistant

Many users prefer to use Google Assistant to control Maps while driving. You can also ask your smart assistant: Navigate to the nearest gas station, and Maps will immediately help you along. The only difference is that the route to your final destination is then broken off, and you don’t know whether there was possibly a gas station 5 kilometers away that required a smaller detour.

A better option is to ask for Show gas stations near me. You will then see the same overview on the screen of all gas stations on your route as with the steps above.

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