Pixel/Nexus: ALL Google smartphones in a quick review

Google has launched many smartphones over the years, and at least the Pixel 7 and Pixel 6a will be added this year. It will be a long time until then, however, and perhaps the first few days of the year are a good opportunity to look back. A YouTube has now grabbed ALL Google smartphones and subjected them to an interesting quick review.

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Google is not only the company behind the Android operating system, it feels like it has always had its own smartphone on the market. The smartphones weren’t sold under their own brand, but of course, you had your fingers in the game with the very first Android smartphones – including the HTC Dream. The T-Mobile G1 manufactured by HTC is considered the first Android smartphone to go on sale.

After the G1, the Nexus series was built out of the ground, which was to be continued with numerous generations until 2015 (Nexus One, Nexus S, Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 4, Nexus 5, Nexus 6, Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P). Pixel smartphones have been on the go since 2016, are currently in the sixth generation and have undergone major developments since the first device. This series should also be available in the next few years because Google has invested a lot in this product line and finally wants to establish it more widely.

The YouTuber MKBHD has now dug deep into his drawer and picked up ALL Google smartphones from the G1 to the Pixel 6 Pro and subjected them to a very quick review. You can’t expect any details, but just seeing the devices again in this quick comparison is very interesting.

Unsurprisingly, smartphones have evolved in every area. Technically, there are worlds between the first and last Google smartphone: the display size has more than doubled, the computing power and storage space have multiplied, the battery capacity has risen sharply and, as is well known, there have been one or two advances in cameras. But it’s not just hardware that has made great strides.

Even a look at the old Android versions is very interesting and shows which way the operating system has taken. Even today there are visually bigger leaps and every year of jubilee something structural changes, but the steps in the first years were groundbreaking for the entire operating system and its operating concept.

Nevertheless, you can still get along with the first Android versions and feel at least to some extent at home. IPhone users could certainly subscribe to this for their Apple world. We can be curious to see how the development will continue in the next 15 years and which innovations will be delivered to us up to the Pixel 21😉.

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